Bahrain Property Market Statistics Report


1 BHD = 9.74 AED
1 BHD = 3.52 CAD
1 BHD = 43.27 EGP
1 BHD = 2.41 EUR
1 BHD = 2.12 GBP
1 BHD = 188.49 INR
1 BHD = 0.81 KWD
1 BHD = 414.91 PKR
1 BHD = 9.66 QAR
1 BHD = 9.95 SAR
1 BHD = 15.24 TRY
1 BHD = 2.65 USD

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Values from: 20 Sep 2019 - 05:00PM

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Useful tips on renting an office in Bahrain

Renting an office is usually a big step for your business, maybe it is your first office to get up and running or you are looking to expand. First you may want to consider shopping around for a commercial real estate agent. The realtor can educate you on the size of the commercial property that you are looking for. You have to consider the size and blue print of the space you want, because you don't want to end up paying more for space than what you are generally bringing in. Keep your monthly expenses to a minimum so that way you can make a profit and grow your business gradually. Also you want to take the utilities in consideration and common area maintenance, which are fees to cover the up-keeps of the building. The agreement of the least, rent, long-term, or short-term should be looked thoroughly over with your realtor. It's important to know if you want to rent long-term or short-term so if your business expands you can get out without being committed. There are other things you can consider as well. Make sure your office is accessible to the disabled and if there are modifications that you are responsible for.

Useful tips on renting an office in Bahrain


Even though, leasing a commercial office is a big step it can also be exciting. Consider the fact of what area you want to be in, in Bahrain, Seef area is very popular. That's very important because you want to draw consumers into your business. You can be near restaurants, a housing community, or just walking distance from the general population. Make sure you have accessible parking spaces. And last but not least, make sure you have a plan in where you see your business in a year, in two years, and three years. Be positive and take realistic baby steps to your financial success.