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Landmark Bahrain

Born with a vision to change life for the better.

Landmark Bahrain Logo Welcome to Landmark Bahrain Real Estate Development Marketing and Management! The Lead provider of property-based solution for the market,

This is the theme of Landmark Bahrain Real Estate Development,

Marketing and Management as it was ingeniously worded by the C.E.O, Mr. Mohammed Younis Shafi. This years theme declares:

  • a thanksgiving to our valued clients, associates, and the people inour own organization, to honour them for the business we have shared and for the patience and understanding,
  • a testament to a more stable, dependable, and mature company that preserves with our values in fulfilling its vision and mission for our clients, partners, associates and other business organization.
  • a covenant to continuously nurture relationships with our clients, partners, and our own organization through quality service, excellent projects and responsive leadership,
  • an invitation for all to come together as one family,


CNBC Arabian Property Awards - Landmark Bahrain Born with a vision to change life for the better, Landmark Bahrain Real Estate Development Marketing and Management is committed in enhancing the quality of life through exciting property-based lifestyle products and services. Landmark Bahrain, one of the leading real estate service providers in Bahrain, and have been appreciated across G.C.C for their services and their extensive knowledge in the property market from the past 2 decades. We are specialized in Sales of various freehold developments across the Kingdom, and Landmark Bahrain has expanded its services globally through its excellent leasing services, Property Management services and Interior Designing as well. Landmark Bahrain offers impressive level of services to fulfil your desires to own your dream home or to reap great investment returns through the exclusive properties which are sold on freehold basis. Our services and introduction of unique projects to our clientele are testaments to our vision and commitment to enhance quality of life through exciting property based lifestyle products and services

This year also signals the growth of our own company, which brings us Landmark Bahrain Real Estate Development Marketing and Management; now independent corporate entities themselves. We evolve, thus, we grow. We grow thus, we get bigger and multiply. There's just no stopping us from fulfilling our vision to be the leading property provider of lifestyle solutions here in the Kingdom of Bahrain. This is our goal... This is Landmark Bahrain Real Estate Development Marketing and Management.

Name and our mark represent our dynamism, innovation, and growth. It embodies our commitment to change life-creatively, constantly, and completely.

Who We Are Our Name

"Landmark Bahrain" identifies our business as based on real estate property development. It also stands for our core values. We represent the fact that our business is the provision of lifestyle solutions for lifestyle needs. Landmark denotes that we are genuine and stable company, ready and able to fulfil our promises. We seek to provide regal lifestyle to our clients. It embodies our commitment to change lifestyles.

Le Reef Island - Manama Bahrain

Our Brand Mark

Our brand mark is a stylized infinite sign that symbolizes abundance of wealth, opportunities, and constant growth. Its brush-stroke execution is a rendition of Landmark Bahrain and is representative of the sense of creativity and innovation present within our people. Our entire mark is also likened to water and infinity, which points to our committed dynamism and responsiveness to change in creating unique lifestyle solutions.

Our Mission

We are dynamic company with an abundance of resources and opportunities working towards enhancing the quality of life of our clients through exciting property-based lifestyle products and services.

To Our Clients

We shall ensure our clients satisfaction by offering exciting and best value lifestyle products and services.

To Our People

We shall commit to continuously promote professional and personal growth in order to enhance our quality of life.

To Our Company

We shall ensure the company's growth and competitiveness by continuously creating new opportunities, expanding our core competencies and re-engineering our business processes.

To Our Society

We shall contribute to uplift the cosmopolitan creativity, uphold their vision and values and ensure the best return of the resources entrusted to us.

To Our Business Associates

We shall ensure our long-term and pleasant relationship based on respect, trust, and mutually beneficial growth.

Our Endeavours

Project Business Bay - Juffair Bahrain Every endeavour fortifies our commitment to provide you with better lifestyle solutions. This affirms our passion to change lifestyles, reflections of how we integrate values into every development. It is more than just a project we develop; it is a lifestyle that we create�from you and for you.

Our Strategic Intents

  • Increase our market share and be in a leading position in the competitive market by offering diverse product-market lifestyle-based projects.
  • Enhance our organizational competence and capability in delivering customer satisfaction through operational excellence.
  • Establish our customer-centric and leadership-oriented organizational culture driven by our Vision, Mission, and Values.

Why We Are Here

At Landmark Bahrain, we are committed to change lifestyles from how things are into how they could be better. We endeavour to reawaken your life�s natural state into something more abundant free, and fulfilling, because this is how life can be. By entrusting your life gains with our lifestyle solutions, we can help you reach your most pure dreams and aspirations. Ultimately, we help create more than just wealth, but affluence as well.

What We Offer

At Landmark Bahrain, we offer you lifestyle solutions bursting with value. This wellspring of value is born from our reputation and competence, affirmed by the trust relationship we have built overtime. Our endeavours are marked by an unbreakable promise to develop not just projects, but to create lifestyles from you, for you.

How We Work

Our ability to fuse our vision to change life into our work comes from the recognition of one basic truth: that you have a need for unique life spaces at different life cycles, as reflected in your aspirations. By acknowledging this premise, we find ourselves able to bring you better lifestyle solutions.


Office 3, Bldg. 155, Road 339,
Area 318, Palace Avenue, Hoora,
Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel. no. :(973) 17295050
Fax no.:(973) 17293355
Email :
Website :
Seef Office
Seef Plaza
Flat 1, Bldg. 929,
Road 3620, Block 436, Al Seef District
Kingdom of Bahrain
Tel. no. :(973) 1756 4600
Fax no.:(973) 1756 4747

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