Bahrain Second Hand and Used Cars

Bahrain Second Hand and Used Cars

Bahrain is an awesome place to visit and live in. The cost of living is relatively low as compared to other places in the world. For this reason, most people who visit Bahrain prefer to buy cars rather than ride the bus or taxi like in other places. With everyone looking to buy a car, the demand for cars remains high and so are the prices. If you are ready to buy a car in Bahrain then this is what you need to do and what you need to have.

What You Need

Before you can buy any car in Bahrain, you will need a residency visa. In order to be allowed to get your car, you should also go with your Central Population Registration, which is similar to a national Id in Bahrain.

Cars to Consider

When living or visiting Bahrain, you will notice some different types of cars on the road. In Bahrain people prefer buying SUVs and 4 by 4s.

You also don't have to worry about gas prices. Bahrain is one of the few places in the world where gas prices are cheap. This means people barely think about fuel economy instead thinking more about power in their rides. It is also relatively cheap to maintain big cars in Bahrain than in any other place in the world.

However, you should always choose a car that pleases you. Some of the factors that you should consider before buying used and second-hand cars include:

The car's resale value

If you are only visiting Bahrain for a short while, then this should be an important factor. Some cars tend to lose value fast from the day of purchase. You should always choose a car that retains its value even after being used for a while. This will help you when the time comes to resell the car as you leave the place.

Bahrain Used Car


Bahrain Used Car

Availability of the car in trusted dealerships

This is especially important when purchasing a second-hand car. If you buy from an unknown dealer, you risk driving a stolen car. You should be careful about cars that have been imported from abroad. Where possible, always stick to ars bought and used in Bahrain. This can help you avoid stolen cars and cars that do not meet the Bahrain requirements.

Certified dealers also come with benefits that you will not find with other dealers. For example, a certified dealer will give you the remaining warranty for the second hand car.

When you can, pick the car yourself. This is for the purpose of inspection. Check the car yourself to make sure everything is as it should be. If you feel like you are not the best for inspecting a car, it is advisable to tag along someone who is car savvy. Such a person can help you check out the car.

The price and payment options

This goes to everyone looking to get a car. You should always go for cars that come with a good payment option. Once you negotiate with the dealer, you should take the option that allows you to pay for the car fastest.

Long payment terms seem ideal but in the end, they end up taking a toll on you. Even though you get significantly lower installments, you end up paying more through interests. Where possible, go for the high installments that get you off the hook in just a short period.

You can also choose the personal finance option or the PTP. This gives you a chance to pay monthly installments after you have paid the first down payment. This comes with desirable options at the end of the term. For instance;

  • You can choose to return the car and walk away free
  • You can choose to continue using the car by refinancing for a longer time
  • You can bring the car back and exchange it for a new model

Best time to buy

If you are looking to get the best deal when buying a second hand car, buy in the summer. Many dealers cut their prices in the summer when they are desperate to shift stock. This causes them to cut prices on all car models from the previous year. This is your best chance to get a good car for yourself.

Bahrain Used Car


Bahrain Used Car

Where to Find the Cars

In Bahrain, there are a number of places you can get a car. For instance, you can find vehicles advertised on the classifieds, notice boards around town, or online. This is the easiest and cheapest way to find the best car for you.

Another ideal place to find car for sale is along the road into Juffair. This is where most expats leaving the country park their cars for sale. You can also find some of the most popular dealerships along the highway in Sitra. This is where many showrooms are making it easy to find the best car for your needs.

However, before you can make a deal with anybody, make sure that he or she is certified and licensed to do that. Most dealers set their prices by just looking at you. It is advisable to have a car savvy individual with you as you shop around for a car.

Insuring Your Car

Before ordering a car, check for its accident history. You can do this by visiting the website and check for the records. Choose the car with the least records. Don’t expect the dealer to tell you of any accident history. You have to find it yourself.

After purchasing a car, you can use an insurance broker to get insurance. Get insurance from trusted companies. Also, consider shopping around until you find the best fit for your needs. Do not always take the first offer since it may not be the best offer you can get. Get a few quotes from different agencies before making your final decision.

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