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Bahrain Specialist Hospital

The general level of health care in Bahrain is good. When compared to other countries in the region, Bahrain has one of the highest levels of health expenditure and is also among the healthiest nations in the Gulf. Bahrain’s government allocated 6.6% of its overall spending towards healthcare in the 2013-2014 budget. There are more doctors, nurses and dentists per population in Bahrain than any other country in the GCC. As of 2012, there were more than 3,000 people working in the private healthcare sector and 9,821 in the public healthcare sector, 79.1% of which are Bahraini nationals.

Government hospitals

Medical and dental care is available in several hospitals and clinics in Bahrain. Three government hospitals:

Bahrain Defense Force Hospital
King Hamad University Hospital
Salmaniya Medical Complex

Salmaniya hospital Bahrain

In the Salmaniya district you will find the Salmaniya Medical Complex, this hospital was built in 1979 and has a capacity of 1200 beds. The hospital employs over 2000 doctors, nurses and workers. Salmaniya Medical Complex

A network of primary care clinics, and numerous private facilities offer a wide range of medical services: Cardiac care, general surgery, otolaryngology, internal medicine, obstetrical/gynecologic, pediatrics, orthopedics, as well as other medical and surgical specialties/ subspecialties, and dentistry services are readily available, as are x-rays, CT scans and MRI testing.

The government hospitals house both trauma and Intensive Care Units and have both public and pay for services hours of operations. In an emergency, call 999 or go to the emergency department of a nearby hospital. Payment at all medical facilities is due at the time of service. Some hospitals have limited direct billing capability for certain insurance carriers, though billing and insurance practices vary among the medical facilities. Pharmacies are common throughout Bahrain and carry a wide range of medications.

Private hospitals

Many expatriates prefer private hospitals to the public hospitals, but in a real emergency you are advised to go to the country’s largest government hospital, Salmaniya, which has all the services you would expect of a top hospital. Your problem as a non-Arabic speaker will be getting yourself understood in an emergency, although most hospital staff do speak some English.

Private hospitals most often used by expatriates are:

  • Awali Hospital
  • International Hospital of Bahrain
  • American Mission Hospital
  • The Bahrain Defense Force Hospital
  • Bahrain Specialist Hospital

They all have GP services that expats can use. The public hospitals can be used by expatriates, but you must have your CPR (Central Population Registry) card with you.
Often you are best served by going to the hospital you are used to, but remember some of the smaller private hospitals have a very restricted A&E department during the night, so if your condition is serious you should probably go to Salmaniya Medical Complex in Manama.


There are many pharmacies that open 24 hours a day. Some work on a rota system, with those open on any particular day listed in the Gulf Daily News, while some others are also open 24 hours a day, every day, and are also listed in the paper. Most pharmacies can give you basic medicines for colds, etc. If you go to a hospital to visit a GP, which is normal for expatriates here, the hospital usually has its own pharmacy, making it easier for you to reclaim your expenses if you are covered by insurance.


Recommended vaccinations for most travellers are:

Hepatitis A: recommended due to risk of contaminated food or water in Bahrain, regardless of what you eat and where you stay.

Typhoid: recommended due to risk of contaminated food or water in Bahrain, especially in case you are staying with friends or relatives, visit rural areas or you when you like adventurous food.

Hepatitus B: recommended for unsafe sex and contaminated needles in case you would like a tattoo or piercing or need medical treatment.

Rabies: recommended for remote areas of Bahrain and for trekkings, adventure travel etc. due to possible animal bites.


There are plenty of dentists in Bahrain whether they’re with a company, part of a hospital, or private practice, and you can make an appointment direct. Prices can be steep but, for the most part, the quality of service is worth it. In many cases your insurance won’t cover dental but you can either top up your cover, pay a premium, or simply pay as you go. Try Seef Dental (; 1758 7991).


These can be found at Bahrain’s main shopping malls and you can often book an eye test immediately. Try Yateem Optician (; 1725 3397) or Ehsan Optics (; 1722 4478), both of which you’ll find everywhere on the island including at the malls.
Medical insurance
You should, as an expatriate, try to take out personal medical insurance. Your employer may provide this, but it is by no means standard in Bahrain. Having medical insurance enables you to have treatment at the hospital of your choice, but should also allow you to be treated outside the country if your condition is serious. There are many international companies you can get cover from, as well as well-respected local companies.

Hospitals in Bahrain

American Mission Hospital +973 1779 0025

Awali Hospital
+973 1775 3333

Al Hilal Hospital
+973 1734 4199

Al Kindi Specialised Hospital
+973 1724 0444

Bahrain Defence Force Hospital
+973 1776 6798

Bahrain International Hospital
+973 1759 8222

Bahrain Specialist Hospital
+973 1781 2080

Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical Centre
+973 7731 0000

German Orthopedic Hospital
+973 1774 2282

Gulf Diabetes Specialist Center
+973 1723 9239

Ibn Al-Nafees Hospital
+973 1782 8282

King Hamad University Hospital +973 1744 4444
KIMS Bahrain Medical Centre
+973 1782 2123

Noor Specialist Hospital
+973 1726 0026

Saar Medical Centre
+973 1724 8181

Salmaniya Medical Complex
+973 1728 4080

Royal Bahrain Hospital
+973 1724 6800

Wellmed Clinic
+973 1760 0221

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