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Bahrain Gyms - The Best Fitness Clubs in Bahrain

Bahrain Gyms and Fitness Clubs

With so many gyms and fitness clubs in Bahrain to choose from it can be hard to find the right one. Here are some of the most popular suggestions.

Bahrain Fitness First

Bahrain Fitness First

Location : Manama and East Riffa
Bahrain Trade Centre in Manama and at Oasis Centre in East Riffa
Phone: 800 FITNESS (3486377)

Opening hours: Sun - Thu 7am - 11pm; Fri and Sat 8am - 9pm.

Fitness First Middle East is a franchise owned and operated under licence by Landmark Group, a leading retail and hospitality conglomerate in the Middle East and India. We have over 60,000 members in 38 clubs across the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Kuwait. We offer world class facilities including; best in class equipment, dedicated free weights areas internationally accredited fitness professionals, free group exercise classes and multiple membership privileges.

Bahrain Dessange Gym and Fitness

Bahrain Dessange Gym and Fitness

Location : Adliya

Dessange Paris brings to Bahrain the very latest services and products of hair styling, beauty, exercise, nutrition and spa rituals. From the moment you step inside Dessange in the heart of Adliya, you will begin to relax, unwind and leave your troubles behind. Offering state-of-the-art treatments and services in a luxurious setting, Dessange features a tranquil spa, a prestigious hair and beauty salon, and an energetic healthclub. Dominated by the principles of hygiene and cleanliness, Dessange in Bahrain is a place where women can be made beautiful.

Bahrain Bodyline - Sports and Spa

Bahrain Bodyline - Sports and Spa

Location : Saar

Opening hours: 7.30am - 9.00pm, on Friday until 8.00pm

This incredible ladies fitness centre in Saar has everything in one location and is open all day from early morning to late evening. At Bodyline we believe we have all you need under one roof to help you achieve your goal to become healthy and look your best. We believe that having commitment and a regular regimen will help you achieve your fitness objective. To make this easily accessible to you and help you get started we have designed various membership plans to suit your individual needs.

Bahrain The Ritz-Carlton Gym and Fitness

Bahrain Ritz Carlton Fitness

Location : Seef District

Opening hours: 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.

A variety of group classes are availed throughout the week both in the mixed gym as well as the ladies gym located above The Spa. Group class schedules are available. Facilities consist of a beach, private Island, jogging trail, football ground, beach volleyball, table tennis, indoor swimming pool, outdoor pool, Indoor Jacuzzi, outdoor Jacuzzi, showers and locker rooms.

The Hammam consists of four plunge pools set at different temperatures, 33 C, 36 C, 38 C and 18 C along with Steam room and Sauna.

Bahrain Oxygen Gym and Fitness

Bahrain Oxygen Gym and Fitness

Location : Budaiyah
Phone: +973 17 616165

Opening hours: Sat - Thu 6am - 10pm; Fri 8am - 4pm

Oxygen Gym, located in Budaiyah is one of the largest fitness centres in Bahrain and offers the most hi-tech machinery and equipment. Oxygen Gym is dedicated to helping you get healthy, breathe better, decrease stress, increase body strength and achieve your overall fitness goals. Over 1000 square meters in size, Oxygen Gym is one of the largest co-ed fitness centers in Bahrain, and is equipped with the most hi-tech weight training machines and cardio fitness equipment.

Bahrain Ghassans Gym & Al Gosaibi Gym and Fitness

Bahrain Ghassans Gym & Al Gosaibi Gym and Fitness


Ghassans Gym

Address: Ramli Mall / A'ali area Phone: +973 17 695 911

Opening hours:

  • Ghassans Gym / Saturday to Thursday: 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM / Friday 3:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Ramadan: 5 Hours before & 5 Hours after Iftar friday only 5 hours after iftar.

Al Gosaibi Gym

Address: Exhibition Road / Hoora area Phone: +973 17 293 221

Opening hours:

  • Al Gosaibi Fym / Saturday to Thursday: 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM / Friday 6:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Ramadan Timing: 5hours before iftar and 5hours after iftar friday only 5hours before iftar

Ghassan Al Gosaibi, one of the strongest bodybuilders in the Gulf, has followed his passion for kick-boxing, for many years. He eventually opened two gyms, both equipped with a carefully selected range of machinery. "Ghassans Gym," is located at Ramli Mall, and "Al Gosaibi Gym," is located on Exhibition Road.

Ghassans gym is around 1200 square meters and it sets itself ahead of its competition by the quality, quantity and variety of its equipment range. We have over 200 pieces of equipments, 50 of them are just cardio equipments and over 150 are weight training equipments.

Algosaibi gym is a medium size 400 square meters gym packed with all the necessary equipments to help the members reach their goals. The equipments comes from US and Italy and for years Algosaibi gym was the training place for the "Bahraini National Team" They achieved top placing at every single competition while training at Algosaibi gym.

Bahrain FIT - Gym and Spa

Bahrain FIT - Gym and Spa

Location : South Sehla / Riviera Palace Hotel, 328 Shk Salman Avenue
Phone: +973 7701 7711

Opening hours: Sat - Wed 5am - 11pm; Thu 5am - 10pm; Fri 8am - 10pm

We all have goals in mind when we join the gym. Working with a Personal Trainer improves your chances of achieving them. Personal Training is quicker, safer and much more fun than working out by yourself. Our personal trainers are friendly, passionate and will motivate you to go that little bit further than you thought you could. And you can experiment with new equipment, new techniques and new exercises you'd never have thought of on your own.

Bahrain Sphinx Health Club

Bahrain Sphinx Health Club

Location : Bldg.624, Road No 4103, Riffa
Phone: +973 1721 0259

Opening hours: Sun through Wed an Saturday 5.00am - 2.00 am / Thu 5.00am - 12.00am / Fri 2.00pm - 11.00pm

If you want to work out as a family go to Sphinx! It caters to gents, ladies, and kids. Titanium pride itself on employing the best and most skilled people in the business. It's team of trainers and nutritionists are well qualified to provide members with top quality health and fitness advice.

All that members really have to do is to share their health and fitness goals with their trainers. Trainers are then equipped to create specific and targeted nutrition and exercise programs to ensure that members reach and often exceed their goals. Sphinx trainers and nutritionists are equally qualified and boast impressive resumes and achievements. In addition to their skills and experience.

Bahrain Pilates Studio RCT

Bahrain Pilates Studio RCT

Location : Sanabis
Phone: +973 39445816

Studio RCT "Rehabilitation, Contrology, Therapies" is located in Sanabis. Roberta Trzebinski, the founder of the centre, studied and practiced yoga, aromatherapy, refloxology, kinesiology, and body movement for many years. She also teaches pilates, TRX, bodyflying.

Roberta feels Pilates, executed in the way it is meant to be, will soon give you a new body awareness unbeknown to other disciplines, a new body posture and a new body movement. In this respect pilates is very closely associated to yoga. Furthermore Pilates is an emerging discipline within the fitness arena and is growing steadily as public awareness increases and its benefits become more widely known. Her vision is to open a holistic centre with alternative healing methods, and the gym is an outstanding beginning, offering a large variety of alternative exercise classes that are professionally executed.

Bahrain Life-Fit Gym and Fitness

Bahrain Life-Fit Gym and Fitness

Location : Avenue 79, Block 577, Janabiya
Phone: +973 1769 2424

Sun-Thu 6.00am - 10.00pm / Fri 9.00am - 5.00pm / Sat 7.00am - 9.00pm

Life-Fit is a one-stop shop for health, fitness, sports and wellbeing for the whole family. Offering a full spectrum of activity for all ages, to ensure there is something to suit everyone. It is not about working out tirelessly every day, it's about finding an activity, ANY activity that you can enjoy and actively participate in regularly to keep you and your family active. Therefore we have activities available starting from as young as 2 years.

The role of a Life-Fit Professional is to identify a client’s needs in order to get them to where they want to be in a realistic time frame, in the safest possible way. To educate the client to make sure they have made a lifestyle change that allows them to maintain their goal once it has been attained.

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