Bahrain Expat Clubs and Society Clubs, Activities

There are many social and sports clubs in Bahrain that expats use in order to meet new friends, socialize and sharing experiences. Because Bahrain has so many expats these clubs generally welcome all nationalities. Bahrain Property World has listed some of the most popular clubs and societies for you.

Bahrain Expat Clubs and Society Clubs, Activities

The Dilmun Club

Bahrain Expat Club The Dilmun Club Location: Manama
Tel: (+973) 17690926 or (+973) 17692986

Founded in 1974 the Dilmun Club is a long established expatriate club with a current membership of more than 1500 people of various nationalities

The Bahrain Yacht Club

Bahrain Expat Club The Bahrain Yacht Club Location: Sitra
Tel: +973 1770 0677

Established over 35 years ago and situated in Sitra since 1977, the Bahrain Yacht Club today is host to the many people who share a common passion for the varied forms of sailing and water sports. Whether you are a seasoned sea dog,or just keen to get your feet wet, we offer a great range of training facilities and services to meet your requirements. Membership is available to all, with family and individual memberships on request, and we welcome visitors and members of all yacht clubs.

Bahrain - The British Club

Bahrain Expat Club The British Club Location: Adliya
Tel: +973 17 728 245
Our page: British Club Information Page

The British Club, which was voted "Best Social Club in the World" in the UK Telegraph's Best of British 2010 awards, is one of the oldest and most popular clubs in Bahrain. The Club was founded in 1935 and was originally known as The Gymkhana Club. Since then it has gone from strength to strength and currently has a membership of over 1600 members.

Bahrain Round Table

Bahrain Expat Club Bahrain Round Table Location: The British Club, Adliya
Tel: +973 39 536 754

Bahrain Round Table, is a society for young (or youngish) professional men. The main objective of Bahrain Round Table is to be of service to the local community, by raising money for local charities. The funds are raised through hosting the Bahrain Marathon Relay. One of the biggest events of its kind in the Gulf, and probably the world! Round Table ethos also revolves around coming together socially, with fun events held throughout the year.

Bahrain Hash House Harriers

Bahrain Expat Club Bahrain Hash House Harriers Location: The British Club, Adliya
Tel: +973 17 862 620
Email :

Bahrain's first Hash, established in 1972 by Geoff Whitehead, we have now reached over 2100 runs and celebrate our 41st anniversary on December 2nd 2012. BH3 holds weekly runs every Monday at 1800 hours throughout the year. Everyone is welcome to join! men, women, young , old and ancient! You can even have your dog tag along! Remember to bring BD 1 for the hash and a sense of humor! Various locations

The Bahrain Arts Society

Bahrain Expat Club The Bahrain Arts Society Location: Budaiya
Tel: +973 1759 0551

Our objective is to participate in the cultural promotion and develop fine arts in Bahrain and the surrounding region, and to take the artists into a new dimension by participating intensively in the local and international arts events. We hold selective art exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and other cultural events. Although our members are selected talented artists from the region, but our doors are open for all art lovers.

Bahrain Welsh Society

Bahrain Expat Club Bahrain Welsh Society Location: Manama
Tel: +973 1772 7127

We celebrate our Welshness- our unique culture based on language, singing, dancing, rugby and of course BRAINS! Come and join us and feel the warmth- the 'hywel and the hiraeth'. We may be the smallest of the national societies but we are certainly the friendliest!

Bahrain Awali Caledonian Society

Bahrain Expat Club Bahrain Awali Caledonian Society Location: Awali
Tel: +973 3655 7655

The Caledonian Society, Awali, was founded in 1936. Membership is open to Scots and non-Scots alike. Anyone born in Scotland or having at least one parent/grandparent who is Scots by birth or having at least one spouse who is Scots by birth is eligible for Ordinary Membership. Associate Membership is granted to persons who have resided in Scotland for a period of not less than 5 years. Temporary Membership is granted at the discretion of the Society's Committee to persons visiting Bahrain for a period not exceeding 3 months.

Bahrain Expat Club Bahrain Irish Society

Bahrain Irish Society

Email :

The Bahrain Irish Society was founded in 1975, and since then has been extremely pro-active in promoting all aspects of the Irish culture throughout the Kingdom of Bahrain. Since its foundation, the society has been active in its support of Bahraini charities, and has arranged numerous events aimed at raising funds for the charities proposed by our members. It is through these contributions and working in partnership with local charities that a real difference is made by the society to those less fortunate than most.Our lasting commitment is to establish a multicultural society from all walks of life & all age groups that can fuse together to celebrate a culture traditionally known to open its arms & embrace life in all its form.

Bahrain - The Royal Society of St. George

Bahrain Expat Club The Royal Society of St. George Email :

The Royal Society of St. George was founded in 1894 with the noble object of promoting "Englishness" and the English way of life. Is England in your blood? Are you proud to be English, proud of our heritage, history and traditions? If so, then why not become a member of our Society. Membership of our Society is open to all people who share our love of England and Englishness. You could take an active part in our mission to safeguard England and to reinforce decency and integrity in our daily lives.

Bahrain Rugby Football Club

Bahrain Expat Club Bahrain Rugby Football Club Location: Manama
Tel: +973 17 695 809

Bahrain Rugby Football Club started life as a section of the British Club in 1971, becoming it's own separate entity in 1974 taking up residence at a small ground on the perimeter of the Bahrain International Airports Muharraq Runway. The early days saw games played largely against local and the occasional visiting side.

Bahrain Karate Center

Bahrain Expat Club Bahrain Karate Center Location: Manama
Tel: +973 39 247 769

Welcome to Bahrain Karate Center! the center which follows the way of traditional Shotokan Karate taught by the late Master Sensei Taji Kase (1929 - 2004). Karate can be described as a martial art, or fighting method, involving a variety of techniques, including blocks, strikes, evasions, throws, and joint manipulations. Karate practice is divided into three aspects: kihon (basics), kata (forms), and kumite (sparring).

Bahrain - Japan Karate Association

Bahrain Expat Club Japan Karate Association Location: Manama
Tel: +973 39 822 236
Email :

Welcome to Japan Karate Association - Bahrain, a non-profit organization created to preserve and promote Budo, the traditional martial ways of Japan. In doing so, our aim is to elevate the spirit of people of all ages and to nurture citizens who will contribute to world peace and harmony. JKA Bahrain endeavors to contribute to the development, teaching and promotion of authentic JKA Shotokan karate in Bahrain.

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