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The Amwaj Islands are a group of man-made islands off the coast of Bahrain in the azure waters of the Persian Gulf. Created from reclaimed land near the Muharraq Islands, this residential development is a feat of engineering mastery rivaling the ancient Romans. Using modern techniques such as vacuum sewerage and geotubes, the engineering wizards were able to create an oasis from the ocean floor. The current infrastructure of the islands includes modern water, electric and sewage systems, as well as cutting-edge fiber optic technology. Freehold land ownership is permitted by the Kingdom of Bahrain and more and more ex-patriots are choosing to buy and live on this luxurious "floating city".

Bahrain Amwaj Island Sea

A visit to Amwaj would begin with either a trip across the causeway from Bahrain by car (approx. 1.8 km), or by boat ride into the new marina. The large marina with over one hundred berths is a state of the art facility which combines form and function. The marina offers easy access to any number of activities in the area and serves as the transportational hub for the islands.

Amwaj Islands is a master planned community and is divided into several different land bars which offer residential, entertainment and educational opportunities. The investor has a variety of living arrangements to choose from, including waterfront villas, high rise apartments, and garden homes. Single bedroom apartments start at 100,000 Bahraini Dinars, and go up from there, so there are plenty of housing opportunities for any budget.

Bahrain Amwaj Island Sea

The main residential, recreational and commercial areas of the island are:

Najmah - this is the most developed area of the island group and includes residential, commercial and recreational opportunities. Meena 7 is a large, community-based block of seven aparment buildings that range from five to nine stories and include one and two bedroom apartments. A Novotel Hotel in the immediate vicinity provides a perfect place to stay while scouting the area, or for friends and relatives who come to stay. Al Marsa, which is on the southeastern edge of the island, is the Miami or Venice of Amwaj. This luxurious development is built atop a network of canals and allows for ideal boat access. The apartments, villas and condos here have a true tropical feel, and in some it is possible to park your boat in your garden. This is the perfect location for owning a home if you enjoy the sound of water lapping and sea vistas.

Tala Island

Bahrain Amwaj Island Real Estate

is an exclusive, gated community built on a golden crescent shaped spit of sand. This gorgeous embankment holds over 500 apartment units, 42 two story town homes and a number of sporting and recreational facilities, including a tennis club, cafes and restaurants. Gorgeous, seaside villas evoke a genteel, elegant style of living and some include swimming pools, maids quarters and modern amenities.


is another residential island that is an excellent choice for investment or retirement living. The ORCA development is exceptional due to the dramatic facade of the building, which has been designed to represent the elegant sea mammal, the orca. There are thirty six charming residential units in this planned community that offer spectacular views of the azure ocean. Fay Beach is another, even more intimate, development that has twelve luxurious, beachfront villas.


offers a modern, urban feel with tweve loft homes that provide panoramic views of the lagoon through large windows. These open, airy homes with beautiful architectural design have a tranquil effect on the owner and make perfect vacation homes.


is an island solely dedicated to fun and entertainment. It is on this island that families can enjoy the Beach Club, the Bird Sanctuary and the Theme Water Park, all specifically created for for their enjoyment. With so many opportunites for recreation, there is really no need to ever leave the island!

Farasha Island

is the important commercial center of Amwaj Islands. All of the educational and medical needs of residents and visitors can be met in this quadrant, which includes a university and a hospital. Modern faciilities, technologically advanced equipment and efficient services all stand at the ready to serve island dwellers.

Although much of the building has already taken place on the island chain, development continues in Amwaj and there are still sites available for custom builds. Likewise, commercial land and business opportunities are still attainable. However, due to its incredible popularity, land prices are continuing to climb and the wise investor would begin his search soon.

There is a reason that investors are coming in droves to this man-made island wonder. Some of the best architects, engineers and designers from all over the world have worked together to create the perfect destination. Combining a crystal blue sea, golden sands and modern, clean design they now offer a flawless, residential community that beckons those looking for perfection. There are any number of residential possibilities available here. Whether you are searching for a small flat perfect for weekends relaxing on the island, or a palatial villa with lagoon views, there is an exquisite selection. Regardless of your budget, Amwaj Islands has something for every investor.

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